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Be Inspired


lca-fishEvery day we need to be inspired to live 100%, to embrace life and to follow our dreams. Whatever success looks like to you, we all want to achieve it. We all want to feel successful and happy. I have found that motivation can come in spurts. Something happens, we get inspired and we go into action. THEN….

….LIFE can take over and we can loose touch with that spark of inspiration. We go back to how things normally are for us. There is no wrong or right in this case, it just is.

Motivation and inspiration is at times, as hard to hold onto as a slippery wiggly wet fish. You can grab a hold of it, struggle to keep your grip as it flips and flops….

…..And Ultimately slides out of your grip. Gone, the fish is gone. Just like that success. Your hands are slippery and perhaps a little sticky, but no fish in the hands. How can you be inspired with fish goo on your hands?

The best way to stay motivated is to have something that motivates you every day. There are many tools to do this. One of them is to use a Mind Movie. A mind movie is a video that is created with powerful images, music and messages to help you get inspired, take action and stay motivated. 

Having a coach helps keep you inspired, motivated and on track for your personal success. I know the fish in this photo is super ugly and perhaps it would not be the type of fish you would try to hold on to, but I had to get you to stop and look at this post so I could discuss motivation and how to be inspired with you. Click for your complimentary session: Give Me One!

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