Join the Mind-Body-Spirit Connection
Online Private Support Group

This is a private online support group focusing on mind-body-spirit connection. We focus on our food, self care, gratitude, personal growth, support and are a safe place to reach out and get guidance and support. There is daily guidance and motivation posted in the group. The community supports each other.

Join us and you will have entry to a private facebook group with daily support, live calls, free classes and access to Michelle when you need it.

With extra support you don’t have to feel overwhelmed or alone again! Come post in the group and get support not only from other community members but from Michelle every day. Whether it is a food question or life situation, this group is about supporting it all. A safe place to come share, connect and learn. Let this take away the overwhelm and help you feel less alone as you connect with others on similar journeys.

  • ​Mind-Body-Spirit Connection
    • Daily Motivation 
    • Daily Guidance
    • Direct Access to Michelle
    •  Live Coaching Calls
    • Access to Video Trainings
    •  Group Support
    • Growth Challenges
    • Accountability
  • Private Online Community
  • $24.95/monthly

Michelle DeBerge

Using a time-honored, holistic approach that acknowledges the positive attributes of mind, body and spirit, she guides clients through an awakening process that will empower them to redesign their lives and achieve their dreams.

With an innate ability—and years of academic training—to recognize what’s holding clients back, blocking their progress and stopping them from success Michelle helps them reach mental, physical and spiritual fulfillment. 

In essence, she helps to nurture their inner strengths, allows them to flourish, and ultimately, teaches them how to embrace their authentic self.

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