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Over the past two years I have shed about 300 pounds naturally. I did this weight loss without the help of surgery, medicine, diet fads or anything else that you can find on the internet. It has been melting off of me bit by bit. In fact the other day I was putting on my makeup and noticed that you can finally see my cheek bones. They had been hidden for years.

In fact, I had been hidden for years under layers and layers of weight that I had slowly put on over the years. I had become resigned to the fact that I was over weight and had come to terms with it. No matter the lectures I got from loved ones about the concern for my health, I did not do anything about it. So I gave up and focused on the other areas of my life.

Then  something happened that changed my life. Someone did something kind and aWeight-Lossdjusted for my size and physical ability. It made such an impression on me that in that moment I decided that I would never want anyone to have to accommodate me due to my size. 

My journey of self love took a new turn that night. Instead of ignoring my body and hating it, I began to love it. I thanked it for taking me where I wanted to go, for having arms to hug others, for legs for walking and so much more. The moment I changed my thoughts about my body, it began to change. My weight loss has been happening constantly, naturally and in a healthy way.

IMG_2125I began to make green juice every day and cooked healthy delicious meals. I had been starving my body with not eating enough so it held on to the weight as well as ignoring my body. Every week I get smaller and smaller. No, I did not do anything unnatural to achieve this. I did the most natural thing in the world, I began to love my body. My key to my weight loss was love.

So as my journey continues and my shape still is changing, I continue to thank my body and love my body. Then I get little surprises like the discovery of cheek bones or the ability to walk so much further. I also shrunk enough to be able to clothes shop at regular stores. Little steps, daily change and a lot of love.

 Just a Note:

I got asked today if I coach others in regards to getting healthy and weight loss. Yes. If it is a personal pain, I want to help you with it. I would rather be helped by someone who knows my journey themselves than someone who is just selling me things. So yes, I also do meal plans and I have tons of new recipes for my new gluten,sugar, dairy free website that is opening soon and my new cookbook. Have I hit my goal, no, not yet. What is my goal? To feel healthy and alive. What is my goal for you? To feel the same. 

+Michelle DeBerge

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