The Secret to A Great Life?
Professional Coaching and Mentoring with Michelle DeBerge!

Having professional coaching and mentoring can take you to the next level quickly. Learn where you sabotage yourself, what your real strengths and unique qualities are and how to utilize them best for success. Michelle DeBerge has created the Embrace Programs, they are the perfect recipe to create what you desire in your life.

Recipes for Success!

Why you’ll love working with Michelle

Michelle DeBerge is well known for thinking outside of the box, using different techniques and strategies customized to each client for their individual success. She spent 20 year working in the mental health field and has over 25 years experience as a professionally trained life and wellness coach.  She has helped thousands achieve their goals!  She creates custom plans for all of her clients to create the best results. Her live coaching and online programs have helped hundreds of people redesign their lives and achieve their goals!

The Method

Using a time-honored, holistic approach that acknowledges the positive attributes of mind, body and spirit, she guides clients through an awakening process that will empower them to redesign their lives and achieve their dreams. With an innate ability—and years of academic training—to recognize what’s holding clients back, blocking their progress and stopping them from success Michelle helps them reach mental, physical and spiritual fulfillment. In essence, she helps to nurture their inner strengths, allows them to flourish, and ultimately, teaches them how to embrace their authentic self.

I joined Michelle's program at just the right time, I was ready for change, and looking for new experiences.I did the work and was authentic with every meeting. Michelle was pivotal in my progress, always knowing just when to challenge, and when to allow me to figure it out! Her guidance was perfect. I’m still growing and using what I’ve learned. I’m ready for this next chapter in my life."

Michelle Johnson

As a motivational and inspirational speaker, Michelle inspires audiences with down to earth stories of struggle and growth, while in fact, Michelle’s own compelling personal story is what ultimately led to her career in helping other to find themselves and the happiness and success within. This authenticity in identifying with the struggles that so many face has certainly been a key factor in Michelle’s success. She provides proven strategies to create customized client programs.


Life Coach Certification: The Coaches Training Institute
Wellness Coach Training: Health Coach Institute
Women's Leadership: 5 Element Year Long Leadership Program
Studied with a variety of masters in their fields.
PAX Mastery & Certification Program: Allison Armstrong
Beloved Work Accreditation: Bella Shing
Breakthrough Shadow Coaching: Debbie Ford Training
Workshop Leader: Rejuvenate Institute

Michelle is a master at providing easy tools to conquer your biggest and also your smallest challenges. She passionately delivers her best advice with an open and honest heart. Today I approach my life with more time for me, a better, more rational giving of myself to our business, my family and more. I will always connect with Michelle to keep me in check if I find myself running off the rails.

Kimberly Cummingham
Wine Importer/California

Best Selling Author

Michelle DeBerge is the best selling author of the first ever hand book to living, being and eating Gluten Sugar Dairy Free, which became a best seller in 4 countries in under 48 hours. She has since written 5 cookbooks in the past two years. Michelle has also been featured in 3 best sellers along side of Deepak Chopra, Jack Cantfield, Dr. Denis Waitley Dan Janal, Jim Stovall and many other highly successful authors and speakers.

Michelle is a graduate of The Coaches Training Institute, Rejuvenate, The Elemental Women’s Leadership Program and has studied with some of the worlds best workshop leaders. She has been recognized for her work both locally and nationally. She inspires audiences and clients with her down to earth stories of struggle and growth. She believes that being authentic has been the key to her success.

Michelle has over 20 years experience in coaching, leadership and motivation. She is passionate about creating a community for growth, healing and support.

Michelle's ability to customize the programs for her clients in unique ways that give the clients the results they desire, more self confidence, more professional success and more joy in life. 

Embrace Programs

Michelle offers 3 unique programs to propel you forward. 

“Before I started working with Michelle, I was struggling with being successful in showing up in all areas of my life. I felt like I had reached a roadblock, drained of energy, ideas, and motivation I needed some help. After my first session, I felt the excitement and confidence in my ability to create the life of my dreams return. She helps me find ways to jumpstart and rejuvenate my business, organize my time effectively, balance all the areas of my life, plan for what I want it and give me a roadmap of how to successfully get there. After each session, a piece of how to achieve my dreams is unlocked and made accessible by Michelle suggesting practical steps and motivating ideas. I am so grateful to have found her, the difference in my life and happiness is monumental.”

Jaimee Patane