Thank you for joining me on the She is Me Conference!

This is my thank you page that will have

  • The pdf you can download of the 14 day guided journal. 
  • The link to book your free problem/solution coaching call.
  • The systems I use to turn adversity into success that you can now use to make changes in your life!

"I use to doubt myself and my ability, and since working with Michelle, I have self confidence and she even helped me build and brand my new business that is filling my life purpose! I went from a scared and unsure woman to a confident online business woman in months! Her personalized support and coaching program was the best investment I have ever made in my self!"

Alice McGuire

Remember My Lesson on

Overcoming Unexpected Adversity to Create Success

1. Allow yourself to grieve. One of the things I shared with you was when I was first hit with each adversity I would allow myself to grieve. It is a loss and you need to honor that piece. The goal is to acknowledge that energy and to release it so it does not hold you back from creating success from this adversity.

2. Make a gratitude list. Then I made a list of gratitudes. This can be hard when you may feel scarcity and fear due to the adversity but it is a very important step. What are you grateful for, no matter how small it may seem? Make the list. Even if it starts with I am grateful for having pillows on my bed. The more you can write out the better. This gives you proof that not all is lost and you will feel more like creating a plan to move forward. 

3. Make a goal and a plan to get there. What to you want to achieve? How do you get there? Make a plan and break it down to "baby steps" so that you know what you need to do from start to end. 

4. Celebrate steps completed and goals made. It is important to celebrate your progress. Sometimes we forget where we started and feel like we are not making progress. Stopping to celebrate reminds you that you are getting there. Be patient, it takes a bit of time to turn that adversity into success, but if you keep working at it, you will get there. 

5. Look for the gold. In the mist of the adversity, there is gold. Things you might learn, notice or want to do. You might find that what you thought you needed, you don't. You may learn a new skill you have that you did not know. Think of the piece of coal that turns into a diamond due to pressure. How are you wanting to come out of this adversity and what do you where do you want to go from here?

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What My Clients Are Saying

Barbara Jackson

”Michelle was such a supportive, helpful and knowledgeable coach for me as I went through a major life transition. I was struggling just to get through each day. She guided me, helped me get my self-confidence back, and now I feel strong again. Working with her has allowed me to be more productive at work and a better parent to my children.”

Jane Douglas

"Michelle is a master at providing easy tools to conquer your biggest and also your smallest challenges. She passionately delivers her best advice with an open and honest heart. Today I approach my life with more time for me, a better, more rational giving of myself to our business, my family and more."

Jane Anne Williams

“I met Michelle when she was a motivational speaker at a women's conference I attended. She was the most down to earth, approachable, transparent person in the room. I  signed up for her 90-Day Program and started making changes in the first week. I now have a voice, got a promotion, changed bad habits for good ones and I could not have done it without her systems, support and challenges. ”

Your 14 Day Guided Journal

This special e-book will help you tune in to your true de-sire, personal power and your spiritual strengths. This guide will help you harness your inner CEO, whether that be for your career, life or both. The first step is learning to make conscious decisions both spiritually and mentally.

It is highly suggested that you do the journal every morn-ing and every evening as designed for the best outcome.

May you have a wonderful journey with this book and create more conscious decisions in order to manifest what you truly desire.

Free Problem/Solution Coaching Session

I promised you a free coaching call and you can sign up for it on my calendar with the button below. I promise this is a real coaching call where we will focus on a topic or problem and you will leave with a game plan for your next few steps. This is not a sales call. If you want to know more about my programs, feel free to ask me after our session is completed.

If you do choose to coach with me, use coupon code: sheisme and take 10% off the program of your choice.