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Make a real change

Coaching is having a wellness professional help you make progress in your life for greater fulfillment!

Whether you want to redesign your personal life, change careers, start an online company, change direction, recreate life after retirement, reinvent yourself after divorce or just become a better version of you, this is the right place to be! My customized programs will propel you forward while standing by your side with constant support and feedback allowing you to become accountable and empowered by your decisions. 

Diane Castro

Hospice Care

 A shout out for Michelle DeBerge as a coach--she has been my coach for many years and has helped me tremendously with my life's challenges. I have graduated her program and now just hire her when I need extra help, tools or support.  Every time I work with her something "pops" and things begin to happen! I highly suggest working with her...she is awesome! 

Choose from a variety of custom programs that can be personalized to suit your needs!

Empower Program

90-Day Comprehensive program that accelerates personal success and supports in manifesting the goals you desire. Mind-Body-Spirit work.

Flourish Program

45-Day Program that will use powerful tools, lessons and proven strategies that will revamp your life. Personal Growth work.

Reset to a New Normal

45-Day Program. If the pandemic has made you feel isolated, fearful or unsure about your future, this is the perfect program. 

Personal Coaching Services Tailored for You

Whether you want to redesign your personal life, start an online company, change direction or just become a better version of you, this is the right place to be! Our customized programs will propel you forward while standing by your side with constant support and feedback allowing you to become accountable and empowered by your decisions. 

Donna Henshall Reese

Retired Nurse

Michelle DeBerge is a great coach!!! She has helped me tremendously and I highly recommend her!!!!!! She not only helped me get a new lease on life after retirement but she also stepped in when needed and helped my family members who needed extra support. 

Sarah Randall

I choose Michelle because she knows what it feels like to suffer depression and anxiety. I was overwhelmed, hardly functioning and felt alone. She taught me so much and now I live a fulfilled, happy life even with depression and anxiety that I know have under control. 


  • Personal Coaching
  • Managing Anxiety
  • Managing Depression
  • Career Change
  • Life ReDesign 
  • Personal Development
  • Goal Setting
  • Healing from Violence
  • Business Coaching
  • Personal Growth
  • Learning New Skills
  • Time Management

Benefits of Coaching with Michelle

  • Feel Confident
  • Turn Your Passion into Profit
  • Remove Bad Habits
  • Attract What You Desire
  • New Skills
  • New Sense of Self
  • Feel Empowered
  • Systems for Your LifeStyle
  • Guided Personal Support
  • Proven Strategies that Work


Life Coach Certification: The Coaches Training Institute
Wellness Coach Training: Health Coach Institute
Women's Leadership: 5 Element Year Long Leadership Program
Studied with a variety of masters in their fields.
PAX Mastery & Certification Program: Allison Armstrong
Beloved Work Accreditation: Bella Shing
Breakthrough Shadow Coaching: Debbie Ford Training
Workshop Leader: Rejuvenate Institute

Together, We Will Make the Changes You Desire!

Jenny Martins

I use to doubt myself and my ability and since working with Michelle, I have self confidence and she even helped me build and brand my new business that is filling my life purpose! I went from a scared and unsure woman to a confident online business woman in months! Her personalized support and coaching program was the best investment I have ever made in my self!

Cameron Alistair

I was given her coaching program as a gift from my family. During the time with Michelle, I was able to discover who I am, what I desire and step into that person. She also helped me design my online presence so that I can show the world my art and begin to sell it. None of this would have been possible without the work I got to do with Michelle. 

Get the Amazing Life You’ve Always Wanted

Get the personalized coaching program suited for you! 

Free Call - No Obligation

This is a real problem/solution coaching call. You will leave the call with the next steps towards your goal! A great way to try coaching with Michelle to make sure you are a fit together.