Just because a thought or message comes from our mind, does not necessarily make it true. We tend to take any messages our mind tells us as fact and never second-guess them. This can include that mind chatter that we suffer from that can limit us from our greatest potential. Most people assume that everything our brain tells us is true. It is not.

Our thoughts are made up, as is everything else including language. They are snippets of impressions from the world around us. Greatly influenced by our environment, information we receive and people we spend time with and that creates mind chatter.LanguageImage

The next time you have a thought ask yourself if this is really true. Especially if the thoughts are limiting beliefs, for example: You are not good enough. You can never do that. You don’t have what it takes to be a leader. Whatever the messages, it is up to you to challenge their message.

When dealing with mind chatter pay attention to where its coming from, past present or future.

No longer just assume because the thought came from your brain that it is indeed true. Start to challenge these thoughts and finding what really is real for you. Stop letting mind chatter hold you back from your greatness.


+Michelle DeBerge

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