Procrastination can make you frustrated, feel less than and impact your over all quality of your life. Procrastination is the killer of visions, dreams and hopes. It is the joy sucker, stress maker and over all problem creator.

I am sure that at some time we all have put off something important to do something else. This may be because you thought the other thing was more important or you had resistance to doing what you actually intended to do.

For some people, this is an occasional thing, for others it’s something they do every day.

If you notice that tasks are not being done when they are supposed to, then you may be procrprocrastinationastinating and not even know it.

So how do you stop procrastinating?

The first thing to do is to pay attention to the things that are preventing you from doing what you are supposed to. To create change we must notice our behaviors and find out what we are really doing consciously and unconsciously.

Stop Procrastination Now!

  1. Break it down. Many times, people procrastinatebecause the task seems too big and overwhelming. Take the large task and break it down into a series of mini-tasks. The big task won’t seem so big this way and you won’t even realize that when the little tasks are all done, the big one which seemed impossible at first, is done too.
  2. Remove all distractions. Quite often, when a person procrastinates, they fill the time when they should be working, with little distractions. For example; checking your email, looking at a social media site, watching a music video, grabbing a snack, and so on. Turn off or temporarily disable these distractions until you get the job done.
  3. Promise yourself a reward. When we were children we would gProcrastination-et a reward for a job well done. Either a treat or our allowance when we do our chores or something special for a good report card. Plan on giving yourself a special reward for completing the task. Make it something special that you don’t do every day, like a trip to the movies or a nice dinner out.
  4. Tell someone about your task. Let a good friend, family member or a co-worker about the task and then make sure you let them know you want to be reminded or asked about your progress, on occasion, until the task is done. This will give you incentive to complete the task so you can report to the person that you are finished. It will also give you a sense of pride and accomplishment when you report that you are finished.
  5. Focus on the goal. Keep your mind on that final goal of completion. Concentrate on that brass ring and reach for it with both hands. Mental focusing on the finish line will help you push yourself to get at it and get it done!

Procrastination, whether occasional or something that you do all the time, can down the progress you are trying to make. Whether it is on the job, projects around the house or personal growth, procrastination can really be the wrench that stops the wheel of progress. Don’t let it!


+Michelle DeBerge

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