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This Is LifeCoach USA

lifecoach-usa  -Michelle DeBergeI am Michelle DeBerge, founder of LifeCoach-USA and co-founder and partner at CanDoBe. I am passionate about my coaching programs and helping you design the life of your dreams! I redesigned my life over 7 years ago and know how much more amazing life can be when you have goals, support and a clear vision of what you desire.

I have been coaching professionally for over 15 years and I am also a motivational speaker and bestselling author. Many people ask what makes me different.. it is that I use a blend of different techniques and life experience to make each experience individualized so that you can be set up for the most long term success.

I offer a variety of coaching programs, packages and ways for you to get more success, achieve your dreams and design the lifestyle of you desire.

To get you started, I would like to offer you a Personal Strategy Session, there is no charge and it’s my way of showing you any areas you may need to work on. This way you can see where you are, where you want to go and get some ways to get there that you can immediately implement into your life! 

I can do your Personal Strategy Session in a time that suits you, either on the phone or on Skype. It’s simple to setup: Claim Yours Now!


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 Lets start creating the change you desire in your life!

Michelle DeBerge