Don’t regret it. You might regret it later in life if you let someone else choose your dreams for you. If you spend your time doing what others want and trying to be what others want, you will truly never be able to achieve the dreams that are inside of your heart.

lifecoach-usa dont regret it

We waste so much of our lives trying to fit in, be like everyone else and not make waves. When we should be standing up proud, loud and ready to chase our dreams and passions. In the end, it is ourselves that we need to please, not others.

There will be times when you are following your dreams and others will try to talk you out of it or discourage you. They are not you. These dreams are yours, not theirs. If you truly seek to be happy and fulfilled, you need to choose your own dreams and path, and follow that.

We are all created unique and special, no two of us alike. Own your greatness, your individuality and your passion. Step into your life fully and expressed. This is your journey, your book of your life. You choose what it looks like.


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Michelle has over 20 years experience in coaching, leadership and motivation. She is passionate about creating a community for growth, healing and support. She has been recognized for her work both locally and nationally. She inspires audiences and clients with her down to earth stories of struggle and growth. She believes that being authentic has been the key to her success.

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