Do you feel empowered or defeated?

Imagine waking up and deciding to climb the largest mountain you can find. Now realize that you have not trained for it, never done it before and have no idea of the best trails to get you to the top most efficiently.

Would you attempt that?

That is what most folks try to do with their goals. They decide on a huge goal and keep jumping to reach it. With each jump they get more and more discouraged until they walk away. Then they feel bad about themselves, doubt their ability and some feel shame for giving up.

How about a different way?

Take your goal and break it down into large steps. Then take those steps and break them down into baby steps. This allows you to get to your goal in a positive way. With each step you achieve you celebrate which boosts confidence. Then when you get to your goal, you know you did the hard work, you can do it, you are strong and determined. Baby Steps.

Wouldn’t you rather feel empowered than defeated?

About the Author

Michelle has over 20 years experience in coaching, leadership and motivation. She is passionate about creating a community for growth, healing and support. She has been recognized for her work both locally and nationally. She inspires audiences and clients with her down to earth stories of struggle and growth. She believes that being authentic has been the key to her success.

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