Dear Reader,

It is all energy. You know that your thoughts create your reality but what about your mood? You mood creates your reality as well because it is all energy.

Yesterday I was having a tough day due to complications on one of my websites. When I feel really irritable like I did yesterday, I do not normally go in public. I find that the universe delivers irritable and grumpy people to my path. Guess what? That is exactly what happened.

I had to go to the grocery store and was dreading it. So I did a guided meditation to help elevate my mood and used my balance and serenity DoTerra oils to prepare. I put on happy music and attempted to get out of my own funk.

As soon as I got to the produce section there seemed to be these two shoppers that kept blocking the veggies I wanted. I kept waiting patiently but every time I attempted to reach in, someone else was jumping in front of me. So I grabbed a cauliflower and decided to change my menu and go to another area of the store.

Every isle had some kind of grumpy person or someone not even noticing they were blocking items by standing in front of them. Some parked their kids there, others were talking on their phones and others just seemed to be checked out for lunch.

So i decided that the cauliflower was fine, I could make dinner with that and items in my home pantry.

By then my energy had gotten even more irritated and I just wanted to go home.

I got in line at the checker, just that Dad with the two kids that blocked me in the produce isle and then again in the meat section was ahead of me followed by the rude lady from the water isle. Breathe I told myself. You are almost home. It is just energy and it will pass.

Then the Dad and kids finally left after taking forever. The woman went to check out next. She had an electronic coupon for $2 off her 6 bottles of wine but it did not come up. Now the line has grown huge behind me. I keep telling myself, this is just energy, breathe.

So the checker asked her if she checked off the coupon. Out of the purse came the cell phone and she begins to scroll. Kids behind me start crying, a Mother starts yelling, the man starts getting upset and it is all going downhill.

Breathe it is just energy I keep repeating.

She kept scrolling, 5 minutes have passed, I am now so irritable and my menopause now has me experiencing a hot flash and the back of my head now is sweating all the way down my back.

Breathe it is just energy.

Finally I suggest that she just pay her bill and go over to customer service to have them adjust it so the rest of us can check out. She bites my head off and keeps scrolling. Kids are now really screaming behind me and the angry man is now pushing his cart into my back.

Breathe it is just energy.

Finally the checker just takes $2 off her order, the lady turns to all of us in line and yells that it is her right to use coupons and leaves.

Breathe it is just energy, almost home now.

I buy my bubbly water and cauliflower, a sorry excuse for dinner and head to my car. I slowly start backing up when a giant truck starts honking at me as they swerve to go around me. Then the woman driver tries to jam this extra long and wide truck into a tiny spot. I keep slowly backing out. Then she slams it into reverse, I have to move forward to not be hit. I gave her a dirty look I guess and she started yelling at me to just deal with it. Now I am shaking. When did folks backing out of a spot have so much trouble?

Breathe it is just energy.

I made it home with my veggie and water exhausted and more irritable than when I began. I looked at the cauliflower when I got home and knew it was not what I wanted for dinner. Yet I was not going back out into the world that day any more.

Breathe it is just energy.

Yes energy that attracts like energy. So yes, your thoughts and your mood create your reality.  

About the Author

Michelle has over 20 years experience in coaching, leadership and motivation. She is passionate about creating a community for growth, healing and support. She has been recognized for her work both locally and nationally. She inspires audiences and clients with her down to earth stories of struggle and growth. She believes that being authentic has been the key to her success.

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