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Holiday Blues are something we don’t often discuss. We see the commercials, instagram photos and movies that show us how joyous the holidays are. The perfect happy families gathering, the romance, the joy of old friends and the magic that the holidays bring. That is one part of what the holidays bring.

The other part is the Holiday Blues.

For many, they are alone, are impoverished, have to work or are effected by the shorter days and longer nights that winter brings. Some can be in a crowd of friends, surrounded by family or at a party and still feel the holiday blues.

This is the season when Hallmark is the greatest escape of happy endings, love found and magical solutions to all the problems. When in reality life is still happening. If you are struggling to pay your bills or feed your children, it can be so stressful. Those happy images making you feel worse or even like a failure.

You are not a failure because you are struggling, feeling the holiday blues or just feeling sad. For many it brings up memories of lost family and friends, lost opportunities or dreams.

Be gentle with yourself. If you know you suffer the holiday blues, make a self care plan. If you know you struggle with the social aspect of the holidays then make a plan on how to manage that. If being with your family causes more pain than joy, plan to do the holidays the way that will best suit you.

Often we forget to take care of ourselves during this time of year. We forget that we can say no, not take a call or not even go to an event. As long as you are taking the best care of yourself, then do the holidays the way it best suits you.

If you are one of the lucky ones that does not have the holiday blues, then notice those that do around you. Watch what you say for words make a huge impact. Take the time to be friendly, kind and generous. Holidays are not about the amount of gifts you give or get, they are about the spirit of kindness, generosity and love.

Take time to donate to those less fortunate. Help someone who needs a hand. Be kind to your server, check out person or even that person in the elevator with you. We are all here together. Some of us struggling with holiday blues.

If you want a mini coaching call for support, reach out to me and we can chat.

About the Author

Michelle has over 20 years experience in coaching, leadership and motivation. She is passionate about creating a community for growth, healing and support. She has been recognized for her work both locally and nationally. She inspires audiences and clients with her down to earth stories of struggle and growth. She believes that being authentic has been the key to her success.

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