Some times we can get so caught up in how we see things, our perspective, that we miss the easy solution that might be right in front of us. I know for me sometimes I can go round and round with something just like a dog chasing its tail and I get lost in the circle in my mind. It is then that I have learned to stop and pause. Step back and look at it from another perspective or angle. If I still can’t see anything new, ask someone else to look at it with fresh eyes.

I did this just this past weekend. I knew I was missing something, I kept working at it hard but no matter the hours I poured into the project, I was not getting the results I desired or the results I knew I should get. So I worked even harder, longer hours, tweaking things over and over. As I kept pushing I realized that my enthusiasm for the project was shrinking. Something that had meant so much to me was becoming less in my eyes because I was stuck in that circle.

solutions-impWhen I realized that my desire for the project that had meant the world to me was fading, I knew I needed a new perspective. It was not that I could not figure it out. It was that I could not see what was in front of me any longer. So I asked for fresh eyes to look at it. I wanted honest feedback, even if it was something that I may not want to hear. At this point I knew that the solution was not going to be found by me and I was missing something or doing something wrong.

The ego part of me was frustrated. I had worked so hard and so long. I knew it was an amazing project, yet from my perspective, I could not get it right. Instead of going to the voice to condemn myself for not getting it right, I went to the place of openness and learning. I knew I needed a new perspective.

The funny thing was all it took was a little tweak. I missed the mark by a hair. I could have saved myself hours, days and frustration if I had just stopped and asked for someone else to look at it from their point of view. I have learned this lesson before, I teach it to my clients. Yet it took me chasing my tail and almost letting go of a project I held dear to my heart, for me to stop and change perspective. 




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