At some point most of us have felt socially awkward. It is that moment when you are not sure what you are suppose to do, how to react or even if you want to be noticed. It is in those moments when we want to come off smooth, confident and knowledgable and yet we don’t. We really don’t. We stutter, we stumble, we trip or we spill something. I am describing me.

Still today I suffer from being socially awkward. I do well in small groups of friends or even when I am speaking from stage. It is all those other in between moments that I can be an absolute complete disaster. I use to let it stop me from doing things or even it would cripple me with anxiety before I went some where I had to go. It made things that looked easy for others, hard for me.

As a coach, I walk into large events where I may not know a soul. I can guarantee you that at every event I do something that is so awkward and embarrassing. I stopped letting that stop me and I now brush the anxiety away. I don’t wear high heels because I am prone to tripping and I hate it when my feet hurt. I most likely will at some point walk into something. And as usual, something will drip down my blouse before the days end.

I joined a team of strangers to be part of a treasure hunt, this is our photo right after I met them. I was feeling very awkward!
I joined a team of strangers to be part of a treasure hunt, this is our photo right after I met them. I was feeling very awkward! It ended up being such a fun evening once I relaxed!

Knowing all of that I now wear flip flops most of the time, I carry wipes and a detergent pen and I laugh when I crash into things. I also struggle with remembering names. So now, I just don’t use them if I don’t have to. I can remember complete conversations even years later, just not names. Allowing room for me to be who I am and embrace it has helped a lot. I still get nervous at times and I do still have a knack for saying stupid things when I am nervous or am introduced to someone I consider a super star. I once asked Linda Ronstant (a signer who I loved as a kid) if I could wear her shoes when I was introduced to her. Yup, I did. Her feet I know must be tiny. It just popped out.

Now my friend Cayleigh made a new YouTube video about being Socially Awkward and I am sharing it here with you because I got such a kick out of it!

It is not a bad thing to be socially awkward, just a bit uncomfortable at times. So embrace who you are and all of the awkwardness, in the end no one cares if you are awkward!

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  • Even though I’m in fitness, I’m a HUGE clutz and can totally relate to walking into things. I tackle it the same way – with laughter! Thanks for sharing and letting me know I’m not alone 🙂

  • I also am terrible with names! Even if I remember their faces, the name escapes me. I could relate to some of your other examples of social awkwardness, too!

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