If you ask a small child what they want to be when they grow up, you might get some pretty interesting answers. They don’t limit themselves or their imaginations. They may say they want to be a vet, firefighter and the fire truck! Anything and everything is possible in their minds.

If I asked you today whaen plein volt the title of your life’s story would be right now in this moment, do you know?

How has your life story unfolded over the years? It is easy to get stuck into the day to day routine of life and put our dreams on the back burner. Perhaps even forget what they were.

I know as a child I wanted to help the world and be a “lawyer that was on the side of good” as I would tell people who asked. I became a life coach and motivational speaker instead. Yet I like to think I am still “on the side of good”.

The challenge today is to think of your title. Then if your title does not match what you want it to be, start making some changes.

My title would be: “Who Would Have Believed”

What would yours be?

+Michelle DeBerge

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About the Author

Michelle has over 20 years experience in coaching, leadership and motivation. She is passionate about creating a community for growth, healing and support. She has been recognized for her work both locally and nationally. She inspires audiences and clients with her down to earth stories of struggle and growth. She believes that being authentic has been the key to her success.

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