Learn the top 3 ways that meditation will help you find success. The art of meditation has been around for thousands of years and learn why it works.

Meditation can help you think and feel better. You might think that meditation can only help you relax, but it can help get rid of stress, anxiety and make you healthier too.

The great thing is, it’s easy and you don’t need any special training to do it. Just close your eyes and breathe in and out. Relax and either try to clear your mind, or just pick one nice relaxing thought. Just getting quiet for 15 minutes a day can really help you!

                  Top 3 Benefits of Meditation

  1. Helps to focus the mind. Most people have a hundred things running through their minds all day long. Work, home family and all kinds of stressful stuff. When a person meditatlion-meditatinges, they think about a single thought or idea and helps you stop thinking about all that other stressful stuff running through your mind. IF you keep doing it every day, it will you use it in your everyday life.
  2. Relaxation. By practicing meditation, once or twice a day for 20 minutes, your body to relaxes. If you do this every day then you learn to relax and get rid of stress. In an interview a couple of years ago, The Dalai Lama said that if you’re irritated about something to just breathe and count. By the time you get to 20 or 30 you will have calmed down and can deal with the problem.
  3. Health Benefits. Science has even proven that someone who meditates has less stress, high blood pressure and heart problems. T Stress is a killer so if you are not stressed you feel better and you are healthier. They have even proven that people that have pain every day, when they meditate, have a lot less pain.

Meditating helps you relax, gets rid of stress and makes you healthier. It can help you improve your health, calm your mind and give you a calmer, brighter outlook on life!

About the Author

  • Strangely, although I lived for a couple of months (back in the mid 1970’s) in Fairfield, Iowa, where Maharishi University is located, I have never tried meditation. I’ve seen it progress from something only “hippies” did to a mainstream practice. It always seemed to be so intimidating. You make it sound so easy! I will be tweeting this I can’t promise I will start but I will consider it.

  • I completely agree with Nayna. I do meditate and love yoga. My first experience with yoga/meditation was in my 20s. I was taking hatha yoga in the most precious place in the college I attended. I had just left my yoga class and found my way to a meadow to continue the flow of peace and tranquility.I was preciously nestled in the redwoods.The view from this beautiful meadow overlooked the campus which was at a distance.There were deer grazing and gophers bobbing up and down from hole to hole. The sun was warm and I felt tranquil. As I set my pose and drifted off to this blissful state I felt myself levitating. I could not feel the ground beneath me but felt that place when you haven’t touched anything but you feel the energy field… It was so shocking to me and I was so excited that I lost the pose. I have not reach that place of nirvana since. I will continue as I know it is totally possible.

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