Expectations in a Relationship

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Expectations in a Relationship

So many times people connect with another and see just what they want to see. They keep that image and down the road it does not allow the other person to be fully themselves and it be ok. When you have these false expectations the other person can never win and in the end you both lose. 

It is good to have expectations in a relationship, like being treated kindly and so forth. Yet when you have real expectations it is best to share them with your loved one so they know what you expect. Instead of having expectations and not telling them, then blaming them because they did not meet them. Yikes. No one wins there either!

love 2Some Good Tips
  • don’t have fantasy expectations
  • share your real expectations
  • allow the other person room to be exactly who they are
  • love with an unconditional love
  • keep communication open
  • clear any withholds when you have them
  • revisit your expectations on a regular basis

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