Some of the most successful people that I admire have a few things in common. They all took risks, they thought outside of the box and they did not let failures stop them from creating success.

So many times, people will stop short of their goals because they experience  failure or setbacks.  I have watched clients over the years explain to me why they gave up on their dreams because theyBe successful - Success vs Failure felt discouraged or experienced unexpected blocks.

If everyone gave up when things get hard, nothing would be accomplished. Look at the setback as a challenge and ask yourself these questions:

Is this something you are willing to work for?

How important is it to you?

Ayn_Rand_quote,_American_Adventure,_Epcot_Center,_Walt_Disney_WorldHow will your life be better if you achieve it?

Where will you be if you don’t do it?

Success is not always an easy path, there will be pot holes in it. Yet if you want to achieve a goal or make a change, you have to be able to climb out of that hole and keep going. That is the only way things will be achieve.


+Michelle DeBerge

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About the Author

Michelle has over 20 years experience in coaching, leadership and motivation. She is passionate about creating a community for growth, healing and support. She has been recognized for her work both locally and nationally. She inspires audiences and clients with her down to earth stories of struggle and growth. She believes that being authentic has been the key to her success.

  • Right where I am for sure. At this point in our life, my husband and I are in another transition and will take a great jump out into the great unknown as the Lord leads. Thanks a lot.

  • Great reminder to persevere through failure. This is a tough one for me, but I’m constantly telling myself that failure is not the end of a dream. 🙂 Thanks for sharing!

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