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Photo by Sylvia Valentine

Reflection Tree Drop ’94


I assisted at my friend Alison Mark’s workshop a few weeks ago. She was offering a free workshop called 3 Simple things you can do at your desk to stop spinning your wheels and Get Stuff Done. I was there to be of service to her clients. Little did I know how much that workshop would affect me and the way I do things! I watched as she gave tips, explained things and answered questions from her audience. In my head I was thinking “oh I know that” “really? That’s so simple” “I have the best office”  At the end of the evening after the clients left with their plans for their home offices and the supplies were put away, I thanked Alison. I told her I was so surprised and honored at how vulnerable her audience had gotten around their clutter issues and more. Some of them were very affected by it so much that it was beginning to isolate them. I was so glad they got help from Alison.

I surprised myself the next morning. First I was up very early for me and excited. I went into my home office and started moving the piles of papers and stuff to the hall way. I then pulled out the futon that took up so much room. I moved my desk and file cabinets. I began to feel more inspired and excited to be in my office. As I  purged the piles of unnecessary paper, I began to feel lighter. I set up new files, one that is labeled current for what needs to be done that day. I made a file for each of my projects I am working on. These now hang in the file cabinet to my right  for easy access. I did not know I was working on 6 separate projects at the same time! Then I remember the challenge Alison had given her audience: at the end of the day, you must leave your desk clean with nothing on it.

Now note I have an addiction to post it notes, they usually cover the desk and all around the screen of the computer. How could I possibly leave a desk with nothing on it? The post its were purged and the necessary ones went into the current file. As I began to find a home for everything and got rid of things not serving me, I started to understand the reason behind the clean desk. In the evening as I leave my home office, I see a clean desk and organized room. It feels peaceful. Also by moving the desk, when I walk down my hallway, I do not see it. This helps divide the work time from the rest and home time.

By just making a small shift in how I do things has made a huge difference. I am more productive, have more inspiration and enjoy being in my space. I am more peaceful.

Think about your space, do you feel good in it? Is it functioning properly? Is it time for you to make a small shift?

To see more photos of Sylvia’s go to sylviavalentine.com

To learn more about Alison’s work go to http://www.insideoutdesigncoaching.com

+Michelle DeBerge

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  • Michelle –

    I LOVE these stories. And I’m so thrilled for you… great job, girl! I love how you were thinking “I knew that” – but something had you actually take different actions. Hooray! It’s all about the little shifts…

    BTW, I want to offer your readers my free “From Clutter to Order” video series. You can get it here: http://www.FromClutterToOrder.com


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